3 in 1 Stabilizer, Selfie stick, Tripod

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Three In One

Compact Design

The GenClip will fit in almost all of your bags and is the perfect size for travel use. You will be able to take smooth and great quality video wherever you are.

Great Adjustability

GenClip is perfectly designed to stabilize your videos from either portrait or landscape. With this feature you will always be able to film your experiences from any angle.

Next Gen Stabilization Technology

With GenClip your videos will always come out smooth even through the toughest tests. Take your videos to the next level with GenClip.

Best Value For Money

GenClip offers the best QUALITY for the best PRICE. With our three in one product we believe you will get the best out off the stabilization experience and have more possibilities with the selfie stick and tripod feature.

Our Goal Is To Satisfy.

Feel free to read our testimonials. We always appreciate your feedback.

I never thought a video could be this stable. Greatly satisfied. Big dub no cap.

Dian Theron

I love filming home movies and with the Genclip it's almost cinematic. Great product.

Leo Mendes

Great product. Great price. Fast shipping. Thx GenClip

Candice D